Çimentaş Group Structure

As a subsidiary of Cementir Group, Çimentaş A.Ş. is a company which is one of the leading brands in the production of grey and white cement, aggregate and concrete in the world. Cementir has been further playing an active role in the renewable energy industry and in the industrial and domestic waste management since 2009.

Established in 1947, Cementir Group has substantially grown over years and undersigned a great number of investments and purchases all over the world. Besides being a world leader in white cement production, it has achieved to take place among the leading companies in all areas in which it operates.

In the present day, Cementir is operating in 18 countries in 5 continents and exporting to more than 60 countries.

With an operating income of 1.35 billion euros in total, Cementir is controlled by the parent holding company Caltagirone Group, which operates in several industries including but not limited to Cement, Media, Real Estate and Properties, Finance and Energy.


Cementir’s history started with the opening of ILVA, which was based in Bagnoli, when IRI (an institution established for the reorganisation of industry) entered in the cement industry in 1947 and continued with the new cement plant in Naples in 1954.


This period was the years of reorganisation and revival through several construction projects in Italy. Cementir-Cementerie del Tirreno SpA, which managed to produce 2.351 million tons cement through a series of acquisitions in 1965 after it had started to be traded in the Stock Exchange in 1955, contributed to this process.


Cementir was purchased by Caltagirone Group, which already had a strong foothold in the construction industry. This was an actual turning point for the company and prepared the company for entry into the international market after the reorganisation process and made it one of the leading companies in the industry.


This initial enterprise which turned Cementir into an international company entered Turkey by purchasing Çimentaş and Çimbeton, which produce cement and ready-mix concrete. Both companies are quoted at the İstanbul Stock Exchange and are among the leading producers in the country.


Cementir continued to pursue its geographical diversification strategy and be a multinational company by purchasing such renowned and historical Danish companies like Aalborg Portland and Unicon. Following these enterprises, Cementir became a global leader in the production of white cement and through a new purchase, became the operator of a great number of plants in China, Malaysia, Egypt and America.


This development which gradually and rapidly increased in the international arena required a new order in the company in an organisational and strategic way. As a consequence thereof, Cementer Holding SpA was established, which carries on the operations of such major business concerns such as Cementir Italy, Aalborg Portland and Çimentaş under the roof of the Group, which is a holding company.

2009 - 2011

Cementir Group established Süreko in 2009 and Recydia and Hereko in 2011 and entered in the recycling industry. Thus, the Group started to produce alternative fuel and thermal energy and to sell recycling materials.


Following its entry in the Recycling industry,  Cementir Group purchased Neales Waste Management Holding, which is an English company operating in Lancashire and Manchester.


Upon the purchasing of Sacci producing cement, concrete and aggregate in July, the Group doubled up its production capacity in Italy. Purchase of the Belgian group CCB-Compagnie des Ciments Belges S.A., which has operations integrated with the cement, aggregate and concrete industries, was completed a couple of months afterwards. CCB is the largest business concern of the France-Benelux region, which has the highest technology and limestone quarry reserves for more than 80 years.

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