Çimentaş Secondary School's Science Laboratory Renovated

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Science Laboratory of Çimentaş Secondary School, which was built by Çimentaş Education and Health Foundation (ÇESVAK) in 1985, was renovated and epoxy flooring was applied to the entire school.

Taking care of the needs of the schools it donates to the state every year, ÇESVAK renewed the science laboratory of Çimentaş Secondary School in the 2017-2018 academic year. Continuing its investments so that students can receive education in better conditions, ÇESVAK also supported the application of epoxy floors to the school.

On Monday, September 25, the opening of the science laboratory was held with the participation of Bornova District Education Manager Kadir Kadıoğlu and ÇESVAK Board Member and Çimentaş CFO Ali İhsan Özgürman. Kadıoğlu, who made a speech at the opening, advised students not to be limited to the information given at school only, but also to read a lot of books. ÇESVAK Board Member Ali İhsan Özgürman gave information about Çimentaş and ÇESVAK in his speech at the ceremony. At the ceremony, Bornova District Education Director Kadıoğlu, for his contributions, presented the plaque prepared in the name of ÇESVAK to ÇESVAK Board Member Ali ihsan Özgürman. The protocol members who visited the classrooms after the opening of the science laboratory stated that they were very satisfied with the modern and clean appearance of the classrooms.