Trakya Cement Plant

Founded in Edirne in order to provide for the cement need of the Trakya Region, Thrace Cement Plant has been operating under Çimentaş, which is owned by Cementir Group, since 2005. Situated on an area of 774.835 m2, our plant has a clinker production capacity of 1.000.000 tons and a cement production capacity of 2.100.000 tons per annum.

We place primary priority on “Occupational Health and Safety” issues at out plant under all circumstances. We carry out investments and improvement works in order to provide our employees with sanitary and safe working environment required so that they will not suffer from occupational accidents in their works at the plant site and support them with any necessary training.  

Besides our commercial operations, we encourage our employees to participate in social activities and organisations and adopt a human-oriented working principle.



Sinanköy Mevkii Lalalpaşa – EDİRNE
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