We continue to make investments that will have a return in the sector.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Can we get to know Çimbeton, which was established in 1985 by Çimentaş, its affiliated group company, for the production, sale and distribution of ready-mixed concrete?

Cementir Holding, a subsidiary of the Caltagirone Group, provides services in five continents and 18 countries. Cementir Holding, one of the world's leading names in white cement production, took over the first private enterprise cement factory of the Aegean and started to serve by incorporating Çimbeton. Today, four cement factories, 15 ready-mixed concrete plants in İzmir, Elazığ, Edirne and Kars, Recydia A.Ş. There are companies in the field of waste management and renewable energy under the umbrella of the company. In the field of contracting, Yapıtek Yapı Teknolojisi A.Ş. serves with. Support A.Ş., which is a non-profit and provides scholarships to students with its income, is another company of the group. Çimbeton, which has an annual ready mixed concrete production capacity of 3.6 million m³, has resumed its activities in the Eastern Anatolia region as well as in the Aegean and Marmara regions.

Can we get information about the products you have developed?

In addition to the actual production of concrete products from C 8/10 class to C 60/75 class, specially designed mass concretes are produced for wind power plant foundations. Durable, durable and reliable construction elements are manufactured against environmental effects. In addition, there are road solutions that reduce the dependence on asphalt and are produced entirely with national resources. Roller Compacted Road Concrete, specially designed for new generation roads, is used intensively especially in the Thrace region. Our permeable concrete products, which bring rain water and soil together with their water permeability feature, are used in special field concretes such as sports fields, picnic areas and parks.

What kind of studies do you carry out on the axis of R&D, innovation and technology?

Our R&D center in Denmark and our R&D laboratory in İzmir provide colored concrete for aesthetic solutions, lightweight concrete that is resistant to freeze-thaw effects and increases earthquake safety, steel-reinforced or macro-synthetic fiber concrete for long-lasting use on industrial floors, workmanship It works on self-compacting concrete, which allows the concrete to settle into the mold easily without the need for water, waterproof concrete for structures exposed to intense ground water, and special high-durability concrete products for projects with a service life of one hundred years or more.

Well, what are the studies carried out in Çimbeton's quality assurance and quality control processes?

Concrete formulas are prepared in accordance with the regulations regarding the appropriate raw materials selected by engineers who are experts in their fields after preliminary experiments and inspections. Production automation processes, quality control processes, test device calibrations, final product quality values ​​are regularly audited and documented by the Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association Quality Assurance System Economic Enterprise (KGS) and the Quality Environment Board (KÇK) affiliated to the Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association. .

What kind of studies does Çimbeton have on sustainable environmental development?

By using fly ash, which is a thermal power plant waste, substituted with cement in concrete, concrete with higher durability is produced. In this way, while the fly ash, which will be waste for the nature, is evaluated, CO2 emission is reduced with the cement savings obtained. In addition, water containing concrete aggregate and cement grout obtained by separating the concrete left over from the construction sites and returning to the facility is used in concrete production again under the control of expert engineers. In this way, a zero waste policy is followed.

What are your solutions for the prevention of material and moral destruction caused by earthquakes?

First of all, we should state that, according to the researches, the problems experienced due to concrete in the buildings damaged in the earthquake in our country are below 5%. The issue that our industry has difficulty with is that it is sometimes ignored that the ready mixed concrete product is a semi-finished product. The site officials receiving the concrete are responsible for placing the concrete in the mold without any gaps and curing the concrete appropriately. This perception can be improved if our engineers working in the field receive training and certification on concrete science and its application.

Can you tell us about your growth goals?

We are one of the rare companies that have enlarged their targets in our sector, which has been going through hard times since 2018, and set the goal of producing more with additional facilities. With our new ready mixed concrete facilities that we opened in 2020, we will continue to be one of the most preferred companies in the regions we serve. We think that there will be positive developments both for our industry and our country in the near future. For this reason, we continue our investments that will have a return in the medium and long term.