Kars Cement Plant

Kars Cement Plant, of which foundations were laid as a public economic enterprise in August 1969, was put into operation in June 1976 and started to produce clinker and cement in the same year. Çimentaş Group is maintaining its operations at Kars Cement Plant, which it purchased from the Privatisation Administration in June 1996.

Kars Çimento San. ve Tic. A.Ş. is located at Bozkale Village at a distance of 10 km to Kars. Situated on an areas of 475.844 m², our plant has a capacity of 435.000 tons clinker and 596.000 tons cement per year. It is a competitive business whose products are trusted and demanded both in the domestic market and in Georgian and Nakhichevan markets.

Along with cement sales at our plant, we follow up model concrete values of our products weekly thanks to our ready-mix concrete laboratories. We follow technological developments and provide innovative and reliable service with our renovated  equipment in order to be able to meet the increased demand for cement.

We, Çimentaş Group, maintain our efforts to be responsible for the environment of our plant while carrying on our environment-oriented works with utmost sensitivity. We care about planting trees in the land we tread on and take root in the nature with approximately 36.000 saplings we have planted in the plant premises.

We were entitled to win ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificates with our plant in which all the requirements as stipulated in the Control of Industrial Air Pollution Regulation (CIAPR) and Cement Industry Environment Declaration were fulfilled.

Thanks to the Waster Disposal License we possess, we provide private and public enterprises with services in the disposal of industrial and domestic wastes generated in the region.  

TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System is effectively used at our plant. Our company aims at producing and launching into the market products of a quality which will satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers and be in compliance with the national and international standards in effect and ensuring continuity thereof.

We, Çimentaş, place importance on the “Occupational Heath and Safety” issue and ensure our employees to get necessary training. Safety of our employees is more important than everything for us.

We care about the participation of our employees and their families in social activities and organisations and encourage them in the path we set off with a human-oriented working policy.

Besides the contribution we make to the work force of the region, we stand by all, whether young or old, through our social responsibility projects. 



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